Revolut Card

Hi I was using the Revolut Card (using Premium plan) and was quite happy with it.
Support is fast, easy to keep currencies and cheap transfers.

Anyone who has compared this against N26? As I feel this is at the moment the easiest to have while travelling if you have your funds in Europe?

Any drawbacks with this Revolut card?


Hi @koen.vanbesien and welcome to the community!

I also use Revolut (Premium) together with N26 and other banks. It’s especially amazing for transferring money between currencies (as long as you avoid weekends). :money_with_wings:

The main drawbacks are:

  • FX markups on some currencies (they don’t use Mastercard’s rates, but their own which might be better or worse)
  • FX markup on all currencies on weekends (Friday evening to Monday morning, UK time). Generally 0.5-1% extra markup compared to weekdays.
  • It’s not an actual bank account, meaning your money isn’t protected by any government guarantees
  • Limited free ATM withdrawals
  • A bit disorganized and buggy support
  • Their payment processor has had some outages. Let’s see if that improves next year when they will start processing their own payments. Given how buggy the app is at times, I am not too confident that it will be an improvement.

Personally I recommend getting both Revolut and N26. Both are free for the basic versions, and they are quite complimentary. :ok_hand:


Revolut is quite good, and I really didn’t have problems with the support (I have the premium version). I also have N26, but I don’t know, somehow, I like Revolut more.

I think that both are doing a great job and they are working hard to have more features on board (like airport lounges for instance).

I just opened an account with N26. Curious to see how that works although it might not answer my need for freedom as I thought it would, but it’s a start in the digital world of banking.

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Hi newby here. With the Revolut is that also for private users. And how much are one allowed to send per month/year to other countries.?

Revolut is also for private users. You have a currency conversion limit of about $5000 per month (or perhaps that was €5000 or £5000). After that you’re hit with an extra exchange rate markup (only 0.5% for major currencies). If you upgrade to Revolut Premium (£6.99 per month) you don’t have any conversion limit. :rocket:

However, the real limit for most is the annual top up limit (I think that was around $/€/£20,000). It can be raised to the amount of money you can demonstrate that you make in a year (using pay slips, tax returns, etc), but it’s a bit of a hassle—especially if you don’t have a regular monthly salary or are optimizing your taxes heavily like many in here do. :sunglasses:

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