Exclusive Revolut offer: Free card or discounted Premium subscription

I’ve written quite a bit about Revolut in the past, and it most recently got featured in my list of top resources for nomads, expats, and international travelers. I personally use it a lot, and see it as a perfect compliment to more fully featured bank accounts (like Schwab and N26). If nothing else, it’s a great backup card (since you can top it up instantly, and for free, from your normal bank account).

Right now they are running a promotion for Nomad Gate readers, where you can choose either a free standard card (a €5.99 saving) or 10% off an already discounted annual Premium subscription (which adds lots of extra features, higher limits, etc).

How to claim the free card:

  1. Click this special link.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number, then click Get Started.
  3. Follow the URL in the text message you received to download Revolut on Google Play or
    the App Store. (Important to use the link in the text message)
  4. Open your account (takes only a few seconds)
  5. Top up at least €10/£10 to activate your account and the offer.
  6. To order your card, select Free Card (standard delivery)
  7. (Optional) To make sure you can use your card right away on arrival, take a minute to verify your identity (Tap MoreProfileVerify identity)

How to claim the discounted Revolut Premium membership:

  1. Click this special link.
  2. Click Get Premium, enter your mobile number, and download and sign up for the app like described above
  3. Once in the app, click MorePremium
  4. Sign up for an annual Revolut Premium subscription
  5. After 14 days, you will receive your 10% discount as a cash-back payment in your Revolut account :tada:

While the savings aren’t insane, it has been quite rare for Revolut to run promotions like these (after all, they are not making a profit on most of their users)—so why not take advantage and sign up now?

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Does it work for existing customers?

Sorry, should have specified that. It is only for new customers.

I have just tried to get the free card by requesting the text message to download the app on App Store and it did not work. Attempted with both my Portuguese and Panamanian mobile numbers and all I got was an error message: “Oops! Something went wrong.”

It looks like Revolut is messing up the link if you try to use it from one of their country specific pages. The link is supposed to be One app, all things money | Revolut, but if you’re in e.g. Germany, they will change it to One app, all things money | Revolut DE. However, that’s not valid… But if you remove the final slash it works, e.g. https://www.revolut.com/en-DE/?p=nomadgate in the previous example.

Does that help?

Dear TK Running, your tip helped a lot. Now I managed to get the link and the blue physical card sent to my address in Lisbon. Thank you very much!

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