N26 Launching in the UK, Here's How to Get an Account Now

(Thomas K. Running) #1

My favorite European bank, N26, recently confirmed that they would open registrations for their UK current accounts in November 2018.

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(Joanna Dudley) #2


I am confused. The majority of reviews I have read about N26 are absolutely shocking. I am confused as to why NOMAD Gate is promoting it so much. Can you tell me why?


(Thomas K. Running) #3

Hi @joanna0892—thanks a lot for you question!

The reason why I write quite frequently about N26 is simply that my personal experience with them has been absolutely stellar. I’ve never had any major issues with them (nor have any of my friends). The only minor one I’ve had is that they won’t convert a Business account to a Personal one, which I’ve also mentioned on the blog.

All banks have complaints from customers they for some reason or another opted not to serve, or served in a bad way. N26 is no exception. But if you look at third party rating sites such as Trustpilot you’ll see that N26 is among the very best banks in Europe.

From what I’ve seen, the majority of complaints against N26 are related to their AML (anti-money laundering) efforts. The fact that their compliance department is doing their job is of course good for their clients overall—although it can understandably feel frustrating for customers who get their accounts closed or are denied account opening. But 99.9% or more of customers never experience anything like that.

The primary reason why I am writing about new countries they are opening up in, is that the vast majority of questions I’ve received via chat/email since starting Nomad Gate is related to that. A lot of people have been asking me when N26 will be available where they live, and a very large share of Nomad Gate’s readers are from English speaking countries (including the UK and US).

If you know about any other bank offering free Euro accounts to most EU residents, with no/very low fees, and an excellent app and online banking, I am of course really interested in hearing about it. :slight_smile:

(Joanna Dudley) #4

Thank you Thomas- I appreciate all the information you are giving!


(DBQ) #5

Also promoting it for the same reason. No qualms once setup. A lot of the issues come from people that don’t understand how fintech works. Once you do. It’s pretty practical. You get what you pay for as well and sldespite the personal account being free I have not had any issues with the customer support when I have asked questions. I also understand that they are new and am a little patient - it will definitely improve as it grows and the speed at which it noverld from Berlin to US and now UK speaks volumes…

Well, that’s my 2 cents… :grin:

(Mario) #6

Another happy user here! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mario) #7

Btw, @tkrunning, any news about other countries for November?
I remember them mentioning Romania at some point as well.

(Thomas K. Running) #8

Although I cannot be 100% certain, I would be surprised if they launched anywhere else before they launch in the US in H1 2019. I think they would have hinted at it a bit more, plus set up a landing page etc if that was the case.