N26 is live in the US! Here's how to get an account now

It has been a long time coming. N26 confirmed in late 2017 that they were going to open up to American customers soon. Initially, they hinted at a 2018 launch, but now, more than 18 months later, they have finally launched in the United States.

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Note. N26 Seems to now be available in the US!

Were you able to sign up yet? I still get this popup when clicking sign up:

Interesting points that have come out so far is that they will reimburse ATM fees (in the “near” future)! That’s sweet :slight_smile:

What’s not so sweet is that they will charge for ATM withdrawals abroad ($2 + 2%)… And you only get two free withdrawals in the US per month.

See fees here

Edit: It seems it’s a staged BETA rollout. If you signed up for the waiting list you’ll receive an invite in the coming days or weeks, with a public launch later in the summer.

I’ve gathered all the information I’ve found so far in this updated article.

No, they say on one site that they are letting us in a bit more gradually. Guess that’s a good idea. Could cause a problem with 100000+ trying to register at the same time.

The million dollar question is will I be able to effortlessly move cash between my US and IBAN N26 accounts? they have not mentioned it in the year or so since the announcement of US accounts. So I am doubtful.

Yes, that’s definitely unlikely at this point. Revolut and/or Transferwise would be better options for that at the moment.

If you want to open a US N26 account TODAY and are willing to document the process (e.g. taking screenshots and sharing them with me), let me know via PM. I currently have one invite to spare…


  • You need to be physically present in the US at the moment, and be a permanent resident or citizen
  • You need to sign up with a physical address where you actually reside (i.e. not a virtual mailbox or similar)
  • You obviously need to have a Social Security Number

EDIT: It’s now taken… But leave your email here and I’ll let you know once I have more.

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I wish I had checked this thread first. I tried to sign up for my n26 account today and it looks like I will be denied.

I mistakenly tried to use the address for my virtual mail box. The system appeared to accept it but then a couple steps later said my account was denied. I was prompted to call customer support and the first guy I reached made it seem like it was no problem.

He said he would clear the information and I just needed to clear things on my side and re-sign in to update the address information. Unfortunately, when I tried that, it would not let me change anything and so, I had to call them back. The second person said they couldn’t do anything and put me in email contact with specialized support.

Well, as it turns out, the specialized support wanted a utility bill as a proof of address. They would not accept a bank statement or any of form of official document as I usually have been able to use for other banking situations or official business. I don’t have a utility bill that is in my name, so it looks like I will not be able to make an account.

I am really disappointed and a little baffled that they specifically require utility bills and won’t accept other official documents. Even people who are not digital nomads may not have utility bills in their name with all the different types of house shares and families living together these days. Oh, well…

Don’t make the same error, BE SURE TO USE A PHYSICAL ADDRESS and not your virtual mailbox address.

They stated they would be partnering with Transferwise but…I’ve been waiting for over two weeks for Transferwise to unlock the 8 month old account they just arbitrarily locked. Thankfully I don’t have any money tied up/lost in that account. I’d use N26 in a heartbeat but not if I have to deal with their ‘partner’ freezing accounts and doing next to nothing to fix it beyond a mail bot sending responses.

I need help on opening the N26 with address

Can you clarify? If you don’t have a residential address in the US, you won’t be able to open an account. I can’t help you with that.

At which point the phone number will be used for us application? I am asking because my number is currently not working.

Do they run a credit check? I have a freeze on my credit reports currently, so need to know whether to unfreeze it before I apply.

Hi Thomas. Are you on N26 yet? If so how is it? I just got my invite to join.



Yes they for sure do, but they are not so strict even if your check isnt that good you get an offer for create a bankaccount there.