N26 for non-EU and non-US residents?

(Rom Shiri) #1

Hey guys, I’m looking for digital nomad friendly bank that is available for none-US and none-EU residents/passport holders.

Does something like that exist?

(Thomas K. Running) #2

Most of the innovation seems to be happening in the EU/US/Australia at the moment, but you might still be able to open an account with some of the players there—even without officially moving there. For many it is sufficient (in practice) to only have an address available to you there. That includes N26, at least if you have a supported passport, Monese, Monzo, etc. An address might mean a friend or an Airbnb or in some cases a mail forwarding company.

There are of course some options that are available more broadly, including LeoPay, but they are generally a bit more expensive than N26 etc. If you can get a bank statement from a current bank listing a EU/EEA address, you could also qualify for a TransferWise Borderless account with a Debit card.

(Rom Shiri) #3

Thanks Thomas. I’m holding an Israeli Passport but I don’t see it in your post in sectios 2.1 and 2.2 but I do see on section 2.2.2.

Can you help me verify if I can while holding a passport from Israel?

Moving to Germany for a few weeks is not a problem if necessary.

(samuel) #4

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