N26 account with no residency

I am a UK citizen currently living in Australia, about to start a digital nomadic lifestyle where I am not going to be a tax resident of any country. Is it still possible to get an N26 account given that I do have a UK address I can send mail to?


Sure, you just need real address (in UK) where N26 will send your brand new card. Citizenship and residency doesn’t matter.

I am an Australian living digital nomad life. I have a work address in UK and got a Monzo debit MasterCard. I highly recommend Monzo.

To get a European address for N26 to send your physical card to, I use Clevvermail.com, for 3-4 Euros /month depending where you choose, you get a virtual mailbox that Clevvermail will accept. You can then get the card forwarded by Clevvermail to wherever you happen to be in the world, or do a physical collect. Worked for me


It redirects to (at least from here it does): https://www.clevver.io/ thanks for posting your suggestion - Very helpful :slight_smile:
Update: For others looking into the suggestion from @sgupton - I believe this is the page: Solutions for digital nomads and freelancers | Clevver - your digital virtual office for going global

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Hello and good morning! A question: if you’re Venezuelan or Colombian can you also have an account with N26?

Colombian passports are accepted as ID, but you also need an address in Europe/UK or permanent residency in the US.

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Does N26 allow that?

As I said, worked for me. During my “know the customer” interview with N26 they never asked me any details about where I resided etc, I suspect its a “you have a Euro address, dont ask, dont tell” approach

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I’m trying to do that, but you still need a tax number from any of the short country list

Not sure what you mean by short country list - at that point in the process I put that I was (truthfully) tax resident in NZ and provided my NZ tax number. Just checking in my profile now and seems I can add another tax residency from any country, the list doesnt seem restricted. In short, they dont seem to care where you are tax resident, just where to send the card

I mean this. There’s a list of countries where you can obtain the account from.
Either way, you can be a citizen and tax payer of a longer list of countries, you have to be resident on those from the shortlist

You don’t have to be resident in those countries, you just have to provide a mailing address in one of them. N26 never asked me where I resided during the application procedure, only where I was tax resident, and where they should send my card. I gave them a French address, used my Irish passport for identification, and said I was taxable in the UK.

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Exactly. So if you dont have a mailing address use Clevver or more recently I have used ukpostbox for a UK address (although they are a bit fiddlier to deal with)

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I just used the app to open an account, but I used a US address and so they assigned me a US BIC and account number, and the account will be in dollars. I opened the Chat line and told them that is not what I want. I want to keep some funds in Euros and be able to send or receive money from others with European accounts. They asked me if I had a residency permit in Germany, and when I said no, they indicated that it is not possible - I would just have a US account through them. Any other ideas?

You can be citizen of any country but the “home” address is the country they use to open the account.
I wasn’t asked for any paperwork. And used my argentinian passport.

Have you tried transferwise? You can have an euro account with no trouble?

For good order sake, does N26 account receives bank transfers from third parties?

Does N26 issue an international credit card too?

@derby, I endorse Fabricio’s comment, have a look at Transferwise debit card. I now have one of these from my “true” home country, but can still hold balances from many currencies and withdraw from their local ATM’s. I used on a recent trip in UK and Singapore with no issues. The beauty is that if you need to withdraw from a “new” currency you can simply transfer to yourself in the app to create a new balance for the typical low Transferwise fee, and then head to the ATM. Fantastic
This has only recently become available in my country (NZ), if it was available earlier wouldnt have bothered with N26

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Only debit cards as far as I know. And yes, you can SEPA transfer from other bank.

As I use transferwise I can’t really tell you how to do it from a non-SEPA account, but I think it could be possible

I sent money from Revolut to N26 recently, so I can vouch for that.

On the above, surely you could not use a virtual address to update/change your tax residency when informing your country’s tax/revenue entity that you are no longer a tax payer in that country, no?