N26 account with no residency

I am a UK citizen currently living in Australia, about to start a digital nomadic lifestyle where I am not going to be a tax resident of any country. Is it still possible to get an N26 account given that I do have a UK address I can send mail to?

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Sure, you just need real address (in UK) where N26 will send your brand new card. Citizenship and residency doesn’t matter.

I am an Australian living digital nomad life. I have a work address in UK and got a Monzo debit MasterCard. I highly recommend Monzo.

To get a European address for N26 to send your physical card to, I use Clevvermail.com, for 3-4 Euros /month depending where you choose, you get a virtual mailbox that Clevvermail will accept. You can then get the card forwarded by Clevvermail to wherever you happen to be in the world, or do a physical collect. Worked for me

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It redirects to (at least from here it does): https://www.clevver.io/ thanks for posting your suggestion - Very helpful :slight_smile:
Update: For others looking into the suggestion from @sgupton - I believe this is the page: https://www.clevver.io/solutions-for-digital-nomads-and-freelancers/

Hello and good morning! A question: if you’re Venezuelan or Colombian can you also have an account with N26?

Colombian passports are accepted as ID, but you also need an address in Europe/UK or permanent residency in the US.

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Does n_26 allow that?

As I said, worked for me. During my “know the customer” interview with N26 they never asked me any details about where I resided etc, I suspect its a “you have a Euro address, dont ask, dont tell” approach