Is N26 in in UK or in EUR does offer a GBP account?


Does N26 in UK or in Europe does offer a GBP account?

Is this GBP account offered as second account for EU residents or only offered for people with UK residency?

Is GBP accounts offered in N26/N26you/N26metal or N26-business/N26-business-you?

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I don’t know for sure whether those do, but I can say that TransferWise does.

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GBP account that TransferWise provides is partially useless, i.e. you can’t receive SWIFT transfers.

Is that really an issue when a different “balance” can receive a SWIFT transfer, and then it can be converted to the GBP balance with a couple clicks?

I have not actually done this myself, so my underlying question is is it more complicated than it seems?

For having GBP account (with Local and SWIFT) and EUR simultaneously, I am using as my daily use bank from Germany.