N26 launches Business Metal with increased cashback

A little bird told me that N26 will officially launch a Metal subscription for those with a Business account in the EU.

When? Tomorrow morning (June 16).

Most likely it’s quite similar to the personal Metal plan. Since I’m"stuck" with a business account I might check it out.

The one perk that makes it stand out compared to both N26 regular Metal card as well as the other Business accounts is the increased cashback, which is 0.5% of all purchases, worldwide—including in Europe.

With Revolut’s recent slashing of benefits and increased fees, do you think N26 offers the best Metal plan in the EU?

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Cool. I just wish they had a savings feature.

Hey @rbairoid, if you’re referring to user option to move some funds off the main account on a scheduled basis, they do have it. It’s called Spaces and there you can add a funding rule, pretty much the same way as in Revolut.
They do not have change rounding feature though. I like that one :smiley:

Edit: I saw your pre-edit post and now I know what you meant. Yes, not all countries have savings options.

Thank you. I will check it out.

Hey Thomas

Any idea at what bank I can open a account for my trust which is registered in the Cook Islands?

If you could suggest or point me in a direction it would be awesome:)

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