Banking for paypal account


(Dave Perdew) #1

Here’s my banking issue, I am from the us, I need to figure out a good bank that I can do online using paypal to receive income are an alternative, find a strictly online bank where I can sign up and start an account to take in paypal payments with a card to access cash machines.
my U.S. bank has been a total failure, the bank has shut me out of the account because of messed up password, I call the bank since my old telephone in the states was put on hold so I wouldn’t spend $80.00 a month not using it and cannot receive a new code, then I had my wife go to the bank who is also on the account they would not let her do anything, they want to see me in person definitely not feasible since I’m in Denmark. This has been a continuous battle for three months of other problems with this bank. So now there’s no way to access the paypal account without the bank account. I will be traveling with boat I will be moving around to different countries this will be an issue I need to resolve. Thanks for any suggestions and help

(Tak) #2

You could withdraw all money with your bank check, and send and transfer to another bank in the US.
In general you had better establish finger print-recognition to longin your acct and ACH-connection to your financial organisations.

(Dave Perdew) #3

What I’m trying to say is I don’t have a bank account in the U.S. without going back to the us I’m living in Denmark getting ready to leave by sailboat and will be traveling around. So number of issues with the banking? What to do

(Tak) #4

You could open some accounts of banks, and brokers in the US remotely.

Otherwise, you send your check to your friend / family in the US. Then you could ask them to wire TRANSFER/ email transfer etc your money to you.

Some of international banks( ie CitiBank,) in foreign country accept US check, althought it takes several days to receive money.

(Patricia Reiter) #5

Try the Capital One 360 Checking account. They are easy to open online (not sure whether it will work if you are not in the US now - but if you google it, there might be workarounds)
For Europe, I can recommend N26. Also look into Transferwise (which you should be able to open up from Europe). Also there are alternatives to Paypal in case you can’t connect your non-American bank account to your US Paypal account.
I just spent 2-3 days last week working out my various accounts and I am utilizing what I suggested above. I do business in US and Europe as well.

(Dave Perdew) #6

thanks I will do that

(Chris Wilkes) #7

It’s a shame that this used to be possible with Transferwise Borderless, but they’ve just changed their USD checking account name away from just the account holder’s name. I think this will break a lot of integration for Paypal users.

(Thomas K. Running) #8

That’s only half true @nonresident. Even though Transferwise is changing the checking account name, they will only turn away wire transfers that are made to the incorrect name. ACH transfers, which Paypal relies on, will not be turned away even if you use the account old name.

TW still recommends that you use the new full account name, but for ACH it’s not technically needed.

(Chris Wilkes) #9

Very interesting, I did not know this. Maybe it’s not so bad after all. It’s not as though the money would get lost if something were to go wrong, it would just be “stuck” in a Paypal account, which isn’t particularly uncommon! haha

Thanks for clarifying!!

(Philip Chandler) #10

Why not try shwarb bank account a lot use them now online. Or the German bank n26
U.S. banks are notorious for this problem. Can get a lot of problems with PayPal lot of issues with them with ex pats

(Fabrizio) #11

Hello for your needs I can strongly recommend N26, a German bank that offers you the online account that you can activate in minutes from your smartphone. You will have a debit mastercard with which you can withdraw at any ATM in Europe without paying any fees, you can receive money from PayPal and make free transfers in the SEPA area. Within the app, the integration with TransferWise allows you to send money in major international currencies with very low commissions and the best exchange rate. The standard account is completely free. There is also a premium account of € 9.90 a month that allows you to withdraw worldwide without paying any fees, and also includes a package of insurance coverage of the Allianz group very useful for travelers. I use it and I am a partner of the N26 Bank. Ask me for any questions.