Bologna relocation (me, not the city)

I’ll be joining my partner in Bologna in a couple months; she arrived from France 3 days ago and her horror tales of attempting to get things done in the local bureaucracy so as to begin her new job at the Uni has me quite anxious.
I’ve read about “relocation assistants” (or specialists) in a city whom one can hire to translate/expedite the myriad bureaucratic obstacles that confront people in places like Italy. (Italy, per the many expat blogs, is notorious for its obstinate bureaucracy.) Does anyone have insight into how to locate such a person in Bologna, or better, can anyone recommend such a person? LinkedIn yielded nothing. Thanks.

Living Abroad claims to have international relocation coaching.

Thanks, Elisa. I’ll check them out.

Hi, I’ve lived in Bologna some months and I’m sure you’re going to love it.
I am not sure you need a relocation assistant and it may also be fun to dip your toe in the local culture. If you speak zero italian it is a lot harder. What I’d do if I were you is to sign up to some local expat groups (maybe you’ve done it already) and ask their opinion.