Which is the easiest country to relocate?

Hi Friends. I have visited the migration sites of the major European countries. With several bottlenecks that one needs to contend with, i am a bit discouraged. Do you know of any country that has very few immigration protocols, has very low cost of living and with good support for migrants?

Hey,have you tried Romania? I heard it’s not much hassle with immigration. Malta as well.

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Thanks Joy. I will check on both countries

I don’t think Romania, being one of the poorest countries in the EU, has any kind of support for migrants. Have you checked Sweden? I am working on a project with an organisation from Sweden regarding migration issues and they say that their employers are very eager to get more workers. In Sweden they offer training and a lot of support for migrants, if that’s what you are interested in.


Hi, my name is Sandeep. I am from India and currently doing IT studies in Riga, Latvia. I would like to stay in Europe, so my question is, which are the easiest EU countries to get job-related residency? I can easily find a job in Latvia but the administrative burden for employers is very high here and I am nut sure they will do that. Any experience in other countries?

Hi Sandeep,

If you score a job with any major company pretty much all of them offer relocation packages.
Another option is perhaps to open a company and then ask for a residency, through your company, ie. as its owner.

If you’re looking for something more longterm, the Czech Republic offers freelance visas, called the Živnostenský visa. You’ve got to have six thousand US dollars in the bank, but I hear from my friends who live in Prague that expenses aren’t bad (out of the touristy bits of the city). Once you’ve got one you have a decent amount of security staying in the country and you can renew to stay for two years at a time. I haven’t done it myself, but it doesn’t seem like the application is very difficult, it’s the Czech bureaucracy that makes it hard. European countries seem to like to make it difficult for anyone to come in, so this is one of the methods I’ve considered!

Thanks, guys for the ideas! I will definitely explore these! :sunglasses:

Can you say some of your background, skills, professions that may be of interest to any immigration of any country?

can you tell me about Sweden option? I would like to migrate or live there, my background is in Electronics but mainly in software development now.

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