Malta Working VISA

Hi everyone!
I’m from Brazil and I’m planning to move to Malta in September. I still don’t have my EU citizenship, so I’m looking for ways to stay in the country. I would enter as a tourist and try to get a working VISA.
Does anyone knows how hard is to do that? Are there “better” job options for foreigners?
Tks! :grinning:

Exciting! Wishing you success and delight! I haven’t visited Malta yet but it’s on my short list, now that travel is opening up again. I had considered Malta as a potential new home too, but Portugal emerged at the top of my list for various reasons.

It seems like employer sponsorship, self-sufficient (digital nomad, non-employment visa), and golden visa are the leading options for Maltese residency. Perhaps you could look around for a qualifying career position that offers employment visa sponsorship while you’re there on a visitor visa. The Maltese government seems to have a positive attitude about bringing in talent people to work in white collar jobs. Here is a link to a guide that seems informative:

If you are willing to cast a wider net, it seems like Portugal’s D7 visa is an easier climb. Being from Brazil, I’m sure you’d have some natural advantages–like speaking the same language as the folks at SEF, even if it’s with a different accent. I’m learning Portuguese now, painstakingly but doggedly, with plans to recenter myself in Portugal next year. The written language is tractable but the spoken language is totally indecipherable. :sweat_smile: