Want to immigrate to Portugal. Looking for best option

Hello Nomad Community,

I am new here (Indian citizen working and living in Kuwait) and was just going through different topics here. After a lot of searching and reading various websites, I am now not sure which is the best option. Is it D2, D7 or Golden Visa or should I look for jobs? Will I get one with a work permit. We are a family of 4. different websites and different lawyers are quoting different prices with no clear info. Would be glad to get some insight from you.

Thank you.

“Best” is relative. It really depends on what your situation and goals are. Are you in a hurry. Do you care about getting a passport and how badly. Do you want to move there or just have residence. Can you get a job there or not. Are you in a role that counts as a highly-qualified activity or not. How much money do you have, what is your income, what is it likely to be going forward. Any of the paths work fine for people that fit them. All of these questions are relevant to any choice. All of this of course might be more than you want to spill out on a publicly-readable web site too. :slight_smile:

  1. Do you have 500K Euros to spare for a Golden Visa?
  2. Do you want to actually live in Portugal?
  3. Do you wish to obtain Portuguese citizenship?
  4. The Golden visa has accumulated a backlog of applications. The estimated time to approval is 12- 24 months or longer.

Quoting from jb, it’s all “relative”. Better for you to talk to your lawyer.

Every situation is different but judging from the information provided (key words: “immigrate”, “Indian citizen”, “work permit”), a D7 sounds like your best option. This provides you with work authorization, covers your family, is processed relatively quickly, and has low fees. You are required to live in the country most of the time to maintain your status. Other Indian citizens have reported that the Indian government imposes some hurdles before you can obtain the required documentation. Prepare yourself for an investment of time and patience.

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