D7 assistance for Japanese

Hi, first post here. Really happy to be part of the community.

I am living in Japan and working as a freelance writer.
I would like to apply for the D7 visa with my family, my wife and son.
And I suppose to work at Portugal in the same way as Japan.(earn an income in countries outside of Portugal.)
Can you give me the name of a few companies or lawyers who are the best to work with Japanese to apply for the D7?
I look forward to your reply.

Thank you

hello Yuki
iā€™m maybe late in responding, but i previously researched the D7 for myself
you should make sure you have a certain level of passive income
if you have a wife and a son as dependents, the level increases
you should also know that you are expected to live in Portugal full time

these people are knowledgeable about the program i recommend you to get in touch

gl w your move

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@kobayashi.uki you need someone that have already did several D7. Is not a easy process, because is discriminatory. So there is always some risk. Please send me a message to give a person to adice you and tell you yes is possible or no in not possible

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