Visa via San Francisco Portuguese Consulate

Hello Nomad/Gate friends. We are doing our research now to prepare for retirement in Portugal. I hear that the San Francisco Portuguese Consulate has the strictest standards on visas. But since we are in California it is our only option. Does anyone have any experience or advice on dealing with the SF Consulate? Thank you

Hi, What did you want to know about ? Washington D.C is no better either.
Is it related to schengen or D7 ?

Hi. We are looking for a D7 visa. How difficult is it to obtain on our own? We spoke to an atty today, but it seems like maybe we could just do it ourselves. Things I have read have said that each consulate is a little different in their interpretation of the rules and that SF is a bit more challenging than other Portuguese consulates in US. Thank you.

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sorry, no idea about D7 experiences.

D7 visas can be acquired on your own, except the required NIF, funded Portuguese bank account and 12 month lease that require some assistance from someone in Portugal. If you can travel to Portugal, you can get all of these tasks done before your application.

The San Francisco Consulate jurisdiction area is served by VFS Global for visa applications.