Portugese D7 retirement visa link

Hi, i can see lots of advice about the D7 retirment visa but has anyone got a link for the actual application form. Im struggling to find it online

Howdy. There’s a Facebook page Americans & Friends in Portugal that has a “Files” section that is chock full of information. I have the form but I can’t see anyway to upload here to send to you. Join that page and you can access the files and download.


Many thanks but i dont have a FB account. Does anyone have any links for me to research

If you are applying from the US, you must use the consulate assigned to your region. VFS is the service most of them use to schedule appointments and collect applications.

The AFIP FB group has the most current and comprehensive set of documents and experiences for the Portuguese VISA process. Use a fake name and get a FB account if only to use that resource.

Sorry i should have said im.trying to apply from the UK