Portuguese address required to obtain D7 Visa?

Hi everyone. My plan to move permanently to Portugal from the US is firm. I want to minimize my trips and eliminate a prelim “vacation.” Can I use the D7 for an initial trip, do what I need to while there, come back to the US and pack, etc, then return to Portugal with the D7, using it as it was intended for establishing residency?
I guess the issue is… must you have a Portuguese address (rental or purchase) in order to obtain a D7 visa?

You need proof of accommodation. The type of accommodation varies among consulates and VFS Global, to which some consulates have outsourced their visa processing. The best, latest source of requirements, and how those requirements vary by consulate, is the document ‘2021 Visas and Permits’ found in the Files section of the facebook group Americans & FriendsPT.

After you initial entry into Portugal with the D7, you make 2 round trips back to the US before the end of the visa’s valid period.

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Dan, thank you very much. quite helpful. I will use that resource. Just getting my journey underway, like so many others waiting and hoping for Covid to go away! Donna