Applying for a Portuguese D7 from France

I have a one year visa in France that has been validated. It is now a “visa de long séjour valant titre de séjour”. I started the application for a social security number but that could take longer than a year. I have sold my US residency. I will close on a property in Lisbon on June 9th. I left the US on December 6th 2021. Does anyone know where I can find all the rules and requirements for applying for a D7 as an American who has been residing in another EU country for over 6 months but less than a year? Once I close on my property I will have all the papers needed to apply for the D7 with only the criminal background check left.

I’m a US citizen who applied for the D7 in Bangkok. I couldn’t find any rules and requirements, so I emailed Portugal’s embassy in Bangkok explaining why the Thai government allows me to reside in their country.

I have no idea what Portugal’s embassy in France considers to be necessary to qualify as a resident for D7 purposes. I do know in one respect my situation was substantially different from yours. I had a ‘Non-Immigrant Type O’ visa, usually called the ‘retirement visa’ that had to be renewed annually. By the time I emailed the embassy I’d lived in Thailand for 8 1/2 years.

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Thanks Dan,

I headed over to SEF to ask if I should apply for a D7 here or in Paris. After waiting in line the women I spoke to, although helpful, didn’t actually let me ask my question . As soon as I started explaining in Portuguese my situation she asked for my passport which I hadn’t brought with me because I was only planning to ask a question. She then asked me my nationality. The moment I said I was American and that I had bought a property she asked how much I paid and then tried steering down the Golden Visa option. She starts explaining in broken English where I have to go etc… When I finally got a word in edgewise I said I wanted a D7 not a GV and then in Portuguese that I plan to live here but I just need to know should I apply here or in France. After that she said it will be a lot less complicated if I apply at the Portuguese embassy in France.

I found the application online and have started filling it out. On line 11 it asks for a national Identity number and I don’t know if that is my NIF or my US SS. Also for my French visa I was finger printed and they performed the background check but I went ahead and requested one from the FBI. I found a service at the American embassy in Portugal who will do the prints for 60 euros. That will be the last document I need for the D7. I will be back in Paris at the end of this month and will apply then. I have no idea how to book an appointment at the Portuguese embassy. Can’t seem to find the link.

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Thank you! I will give it a try!