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Hello everyone. How long can I stay absent from Portugal after my first entry with D7 Visa and waiting for the appointment with the SEF? Do I have the NIF registration before the appointment with SEF?

Residence Visa allows you to leave and re-enter twice. In 2 years of reading forums and facebook groups about non-EU citizens becoming resident in Portugal I’ve never seen a post about a problem from being absent from Portugal too long on such a visa. Best explanations on how to get both D7 (also called Type 1, or passive income) visa and initial residence permit were/are in the Files section of the ‘Americans & FriendsPT’ facebook group.

Yes, you need a NIF.

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The D7 visa will entitle you to an initial 120 days, during which time you will need to attend a meeting with SEF. Your visa will then be updated to yearly, renewable, following a successful arrival interview with SEF.

Obrigado pela resposta. But with a lawyer the appointment with SEF is expedited?

Not necessarily, the best way to expedite the meeting is to look for a SEF office with availability…we have had clients travel to different places in order to schedule an earlier date.

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When SEF appointments could only be made by phone, people claimed having their lawyer do it resulted in a far shorter than typical wait time. Since making appointments online became available, I’ve seen no report claiming a lawyer could speed up the process.

During those 120 days you must schedule a meeting with SEF. The appointment is usually beyond the 120 days, sometimes months beyond. That’s why people are advised to make their appointment very soon after arriving with the visa.

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