Visa D2 Approved without date appointment sef


I received approval for my d2 visa
I got my passport from the embassy but the problem is that there is no link to the appointment in it

The embassy told me to contact the sef service or go to Portugal and organize with the sef service to make an appointment

please help me what i have to do to get an appointment

I have several commitments in my country and I can’t leave it all for an indefinite period

Because I don’t know how long to wait for me to have an appointment knowing that I heard that for d2 visas normally as soon as we will receive the acceptance of the visa in receipt also the appointment date register on visa

Best regards

I have lived in Portugal for 21 years. My residencia ran out last july 2021. I applied for renewal on line and was told to wait. Am now in Psnama pty. When I return in November with luck sef will be gone and a new office has been appointed. You may have to deal with the new people. When I left in May none had been appointed.
Get you sons papers on business headed paper for everything. Especially for bank statements
There are over 200,000 also waiting for their visas or residencias.
GVs are being given priority, even wpith a visa I may not be allowed back its that bad. If you have to wait make sure your visa is still in date.