VFS appointment availability in US for D7

I have tried numerous times to make an appointment at my local consulate in San Francisco to submit the D7 application. It continuously tells me there are no seats available. Just for fun I also tried New York and Washington DC and get the same message. Any suggestions?

Is there any way to apply by mail to DC or NY if I live in the SF region?


The Portuguese consulate in SF does not take visa applications, they are processed through VFS.
Appointments become available for the next month around the middle of the prior month. They only book about a month out, so you need to keep checking for appointments. Visa approvals are taking 4-12 weeks right now.

Nope, you have to apply to the office you are geographically assigned to.

(DC is the only office that takes mail-in applications, and only for people in their geographic catchment area and more than 150 miles away.)

Hi @wesenglish !

You have to apply directly through VFS San Francisco. On their website, you can make an appointment.
They are so busy that in February a client of mine went there to submit the documentation and the process is already under analysis.
Please note, you can’t submit in another jurisdiction - it has to be in your area of residence!