British equivalent of proof of tax status for biometrics

It took a few years to reach the “hard Brexit” that we eventually got, and I was just overly-optimistic that we wouldn’t lose freedom of movement to the extent that we have. Also, I kept thinking the 90 day rule would allow for a couple of days in Morocco and then back into Schengen for another 90! Wishful thinking!

Yes, there was a noticeable slowing down of pre-approvals for applications submitted late Nov and Dec '22. We got in just before this period.

Appointments were released 16th Dec '22 but only for the period Jan - March '23. Some people booked their appointments for early January or February. My lawyer booked us in for March to allow time for us to get all our documents together.

That’s funny re the lawyer. I didn’t even know my husband had got pre-approval. Our lawyer just forgot to tell us I think. I can get very frantic and “North European” over the whole process. I thought the police checks were very efficient, the GRO marriage certificate was easy and the NI should be OK. The same notary is ready and doesn’t need to see us if we are in Portugal already.


Yes, you would need to bring your up-to-date Caderneta Predial and Certidao de Registo Predial.
The former is free, downloadable from your Portal das Financas.
The latter is 15 EUR, but also downloadable from the Registo Predial portal.

Haha, a lot!
Just look at the monthly GV stats from SEF.
We are now competing with the Americans lol :laughing:

You’re right - 51 total from Sept to December

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Seriously? Where do I find that. Just google SEF?

Elle - I don’t think you missed out by more than a few months… I believe we could only apply for the PGV from 1st January 2021 when we formally left the EU

Similar dates (and sentiment) - we applied 1st Oct 2021, pre-approved Jan 2022, invited December 2022, Biometrics in Feb.

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There are some stats here:

Did you find a good textbook? And teacher recommendations would be great if you don’t mind, though maybe a new thread would be wise

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Blimey. That’s a lot of desperate Brits. My sister has gone for a D7 visa as she decided to be resident. I wonder what the stats are for that?

Ah, that’s a very good point! Now I don’t feel too bad!

I believe there are some Portuguese online courses for the official PT govt language exams, provided by the official PT body for this - CAPLE or something like that? I did see it somewhere but I’m not focussing on that aspect until our 5 year clock has started! If you are learning PT for an eventual citizenship application then I think it best to get the official certification from the official PT institution for that. Everything official :grinning: