Path to citizenship after 5 years on GV

I was wondering what are steps towards obtaining citizenship after completing 5 years on ARI GV.

Do we need to move to Portugal and reside in the country during the citizenship application process?
Do we need to apply for permanent residence permit before applying for citizenship ?


Once you hit the 5 year mark you can directly apply for citizenship assuming you have your A2 language requirement completed. You do not need to move there as you’re GV will still be valid for an additional year but you have to continue to meet the requirements of the GV (7 days/year).

Has anyone on this forum gotten citizenship via Portuguese golden visa, know of someone who did and/or have any statistical information?

Is the citizenship process as protracted as the golden visa itself so one would realistically expect a 9 to 10 year timeline actually?

I’ve met two families who have obtained PT passports this way. The most recent was received earlier this year. I don’t know when the other obtained, just that they did.
I don’t have any other stats

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That’s great to know! This is the first time I find such confirmation even indirectly. Any idea how long it took them and where they are from?

The one completed earlier this year was around 6 years from application to picking up the passport. However, I don’t think you can use that as a guide how long it will take for applications in process today. Just simply that the process does work.
I don’t want to identify countires but not USA or other major origination counties.

Any idea whether they actually lived in Portugal? On paper perhaps the main advantage of the Portuguese program is the minimal residence requirement. I applied for the golden visa, but don’t actually plan to live there at least for now. I wonder if they approve people that have only satisfied the residency requirements as stipulated as long as the language test is passed.

Neither live in PT.
I met one while picking up their passports in Lisbon this year with a mutual friend.
The other on holiday with a group of friends when they found out I’ve applied for a GV ( and live in Lisbon)

Thanks All. Great data points.

Hi everyone, any recommendations of a Lisbon based solicitor (and not a lawyer that costs an arm and a leg) to apply for Portuguese citizenship through naturalisation (5 years residency) thanks!

When you move away from the GV specific lawyers, the prices do drop significantly… Sent you a DM with one such law firm dedicated to Nationality and reunification only.


Portugal to Consider Changes on Time Required to Obtain Citizenship This September

Also discussed here earlier:

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