How long does it take for passport after 5 years of golden visa

Hi we and approaching the end of our 5 years of golden visa and would like to apply for passports can anyone guide about the time frame , we have fulfilled language requirement

Scuttlebutt is that it takes ˜2 years to get citizenship after applying.

So do we need to renew out trc in the interim or we can let it expire?

Are you doing this without a lawyer?!

Trying to :blush:

Your resident visa needs to be current until you are a Portuguese citizen. After 5 years you can apply for Permanent Residency if you prefer while the Nationality (citizenship) process is ongoing.

I applied in October 2021 but so far my application has only moved once to stage three. Even the documents I have submitted haven’t been checked yet. I really hope the two years timeframe is accurate but I think I’m looking at a longer wait ahead.

Curious how you fulfilled the language requireme t and if you tested how challenging was it.

I just did the test, if you take classes for a few months and immerse yourself in the language you should be able to pass it. Just holding conversation was the most difficult part.

Do you family members do the test as well ?

Everyone over 18 year old does the test, if not born in a Portuguese speaking country

Hey. May I ask to which irn (conservatoria) your citizenship application has been sent to, assuming you applied in Portugal?

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Asked my lawyers last month, and the answer was “just under three (3) years”

Was your follow up question: “so do I apply in my 2nd year of having ARI?” ?

What is a safe amount of overlap before they actually look at your citizenship app, I wonder…

Honestly not a bad question if we can overlap the citizenship application or not. I’ll ask Catarina


Actually given that it might be five years from ARI application date , I’m wondering - can I apply for citizenship two years after my application date - * before* I even get my ARI ? :joy:(Hopefully ARI shows up first !)

A good resource for these questions is the Facebook group “Portuguese Nationality”

Someone asked this before and the answer was no, they check based on the date you applied. If the application date is before 5 years, your application will be thrown out.

Someone also posted recently that the timeline varies drastically based on where you applied. One office was somehow doing naturalizations in 8 months as of last year, while all the other ones were taking around 2 years.


24-29 months for those who submitted 2 yrs ago. Nobody knows how long will it be if you submit after the new wave of people who could not apply before new law, but now is over 5 yr with waiting period. Just imagine that people with working/entrepreneurial permits were waiting about 2 yrs if submitted inside Portugal. So we will see accumulated applications from 3 years just after it would be clarified which date should be used. I think waiting period may exceed 3 years. Theoretically should return to current figures in some period of time, but Portugal is bad in solving backlogs, so nope, I would not count on that

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Which office was doing them within 8 months?