Can high-valued NHR be transferred now?

I have been working in Protugal for about 3 years. My company submitted a packet for high-value NHR for me in the first year, and it was accepted. Due to some restructuring, the job has gotten a lot less interesting and the chance of advancement has gone down a good bit. While I haven’t been laid off or anything, I am starting to wonder if I should shift to another company.

With the changes to the NHR program, though, I am wondering if that would mean I would not be able to re-apply at the new company for high-value NHR. While any new job would probably still be in the categories for “NHR 2.0”, I would no longer meet the requirement of not having worked in Portugal for the previous 5 years, so I could not apply again under the new scheme. It’s unclear to me whether those of us grandfathered into the old scheme are granted access to it for the full 10 years (like base NHR) or only for the duration of the existing, granted high-value status.

I am wondering if anyone who had that status under the previous scheme has switched companies since the scheme changed. If you have, I would appreciate hearing about your experience with the NHR program during the switch. I have also asked my lawyer about this, but no one at their firm has yet dealt with this. They are asking around, but first-hand experience would definitely help guide me.