Can we put any pressure on SEF for the biometric appointment delays?

Portuguese Lawyers and Solicitors and both Professional Bodies are meeting with SEF’s Director and with the Ministry, and are prosecuting the Portuguese State.

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@maria.caetano Thanks for the update!

Curious as to the outcome and what you mean by “are prosecuting the Portuguese State”.

How did you find out about this?

Anybody who would like to tell your story of GV to the media, please DM me and I will forward the information to you.

  1. a Portugal journalist is working on a story about GV. She would love to chat/meet with you, or at least get your story through emails
  2. a Youtuber with more than 10k subscribers about living in Portugal. he would love to live interview some of us, through zoom.

even though the situations may improve, I strong believe that we should keep putting pressure on SEF in various ways, because 1) it is a long journey, we need to get prepared for bad things in the future 2) damage was already done to our life.


Good luck everyone, I’m on D7 in Portugal since 3 months and I feel like I will not be able to fulfill the stay requirements. Do you think I should start the GV process any cons to it? And how long will it take…

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Just to keep everyone updated in the name of transparency:
I was just offered an appointment for my biometric. Note, I am part of a husband/wife couple. The appointment is only offered for me, the primary applicant. No slots available for my wife!!! It is in September. That will make it approximately 14 months from pre-application approval to biometric appointment. I am a Golden Visa fund investment applicant.

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Hi, Appointments were not available for your dependent or was not invited to schedule ?

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Either. The attorney will call SEF next week and figure out the reason, if possible. It is a huge inconvenience if they are separate dates as we need to travel from the west coast of the US. Also, I would hopefully assume that the first appointment, for the primary and subsequent approval would start the 5 year clock, regardless of the dependent’s date.

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It’s true. The primary’s start of 5 year clock is the primary approval date. The dependent’s 5 year clock starts on dependent’s approval date, so they are independent events. This can lead to a lot of problems if your travel schedule is not flexible.

I mean did your dependents get an invite through email specifically for them?
Applicant and each of the dependents will get their individual invite email.

According to recent posts on the SEF Appointment: Sharing Status thread biometric appointments seem to be moving again and quite a few posters have, in the past few days, received appointments to do their biometrics.

So far I have not heard of any good news from people who have been waiting since 2019, 2020, or early 2021.

Joshua, have you looked at the tracking spreadsheet lately? There are some entries from late 2020 and early 2021 applicants who had their biometrics scheduled this year. Are you yourself still waiting for an appointment? What is your lawyer telling you?

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I don’t have access to the spreadsheet, but wanted to share this timeline:

24 June, 2021 - Application submitted for primary investor (me)
18 October, 2021 - Family reunification application submitted (spouse and 2 children)
11 January, 2022 - Initial acceptance of primary investor application and family reunification application
24 June, 2022 - SEF e-mail to our lawyer that our biometric window is open (October-December time frame)

Our lawyer picked a date for our biometrics appointment right away to make sure we have a date. Apparently the spots in Lisbon go quickly. We appreciated the quick work to reserve a spot, but the date they picked will be difficult for us. If you have preferred dates, it might be helpful to provide those to your lawyer in advance of getting notice from SEF. Also, flexibility regarding the location for the biometrics appointment might make more dates available.


If the primary applicant is accepted into the GV scheme prior to the dependent then I assume the 5 years following the primary’s acceptance date will serve for the dependent as well for the investment period.

Since June 24 2022, many investors who waited for a year or less have got appointment, but investors like me who have waited 2 or more years are still waiting. How chronicle is this system?Can SEF do primary school math?no, it cannot. Given relatively few people have waited that long, it would be easy to solve our problem. When appointment slots are gone, we probably will wait 3 years or more to get the biometric appointment. I am super freaked out.


Each individual family member’s clock starts when they get their own residency card. The main applicant and dependents can (and probably will) have different renewal dates.