Change of registered address in Portuguese ID card as a Perpetual Traveler

Hello everyone!

It has been a really frustrating experience trying to change my residential address as a perpetual traveler and I thought perhaps some of you might be able to help in some way. I sure would appreciate it!

I left Portugal last June, do not intend to come back this year, next year and most likely beyond that, so it makes no sense to have a Portuguese tax address and pay tax in a country I do not live in.

However, as a perpetual traveler, I do not intend to stay in any country for more than 3 months (definitely this year, anyway) and in order to have a consulate accept a change of address, I must have some proof of residency, i.e. internet bill, etc. - something I was never asked for back in Portugal when issuing a new ID card. This is something I do not have as I reside in hotels and AirBNBs.

When my current ID card was issued back in PT, they asked me straightaway if I wanted to register the new address (abroad) right then, no questions asked, but I thought: how hard can it be to do it when I actually leave the country and am actually living in X or Y? Boy, was I wrong…

It is absurd to have to pay taxes in a country I do not live in or intend to go back to, but I see no way of changing this… legally. I guess some people forge their names on documents, but that’s not the solution I am seeking.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

I’m surprised that governments aren’t striving to help people escape tax residency. Governments all over the world clamor to promote freedom and help people to keep more of their hard-earned money.