Company location/setup where DEDUCTIONS are easy

I am looking for something like Estonian E-Residency, but where it is easy to deduct expenses.

  • Nomadic expenses like travel, hotels, restaurants.
  • Office equipment and supplies like coffee, drinks, coffee machines, microwaves and vacuum cleaners.
  • Shopping related to hobby business interests - like fitness gadgets if I do or try to do something related to fitness.
  • Health expenses like dental expenses, Pilates, massage.

Good for EU based businesses like freelance and Amazon FBA etc. Not “Offshore”, and not huge initial startup costs.

Keep in mind that many of these categories might be taxable benefits where you’re tax resident, no matter if they are deductible at the corporate level where your business is registered. So you’ll need to find both a suitable corporate location as well as a suitable personal tax residency. Note that if you run the company from where you’re resident, local corporate taxes and regulations may apply to the company, too, no matter where it’s registered.