Curve launches Curve Cash—1% additional cashback at select retailers

Today, Curve launches their newly revamped Curve Cash program, where premium users can get 1% extra cashback on a range of retailers from the EU and beyond for an unlimted time. Free users still get the same offer for their first three months as members.

Curve Blue Curve Black Curve Metal
1% Instant Curve Cash for 90 days 1% Instant Curve Cash for unlimited time 1% Instant Curve Cash for unlimited time
Choice of up to 3 retailers Choice of up to 3 retailers Choice of up to 6 retailers

This cashback comes in addition to whatever miles or cashback you’re earning on the underlying card.

Example: I use my Chase Sapphire Reserve (which earns 4.5% cashback on travel purchases and dining out) as the underlying card when paying with Curve at e.g., Uber, Foodora, or Starbucks. Now I earn a total of 4.5% + 1% = 5.5% on the purchase. :money_mouth_face:

You can spend the cashback instantly at any retailer that accepts Mastercard (including topping up your Revolut balance).

Note 1: Currently you can’t change the retailers you have selected, but Curve is considering implementing that in a future update.

Note 2: The new Curve Cash program is not available to “Legacy Black” users, meaning those who paid a one-time fee for Curve Black in the past and haven’t upgraded to the new Black plan.

I’ve updated my Curve article to reflect the new changes:

Remember that you get £5 in Curve Cash by using the code NOMAD when signing up for Curve.