D7 6 consecutive months questions

So the D7 says you must be in Portugal for 6 consecutive months per year or 8 non consecutive.

Three questions:

  1. how many days is 6 consecutive months? 180 or 183- in Spain on the NLV, it’s 180. A big difference when considering if you are a tax resident or not.

  2. Does a weekend trip to Paris or Madrid stop the clock on “consecutive”?

  3. Can you convert the D7 at a later time to a Golden Visa if we need more flexibility?

  1. 183 days
  2. Yes, unless you drive in which case no one would know.
  3. Good question; I’d like to know this too.
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  1. You cannot “convert” one to another. I think what you are asking is whether you can stack the stays/combine the stays from one to the other. In theory, the answer is yes. When you apply for citizenship you are required to have 5 years stay. You would disclose (for example) 3 years under D7 and 2 years under Golden visa to meet the requirement. That is theoretical. I say that because there is not some law that prescribes this exact approach.

If you go to Portugal on the D7 visa, you will become a tax resident because of the minimum stay rules. (The first temporary residence permit is for 2 years. You must be in Portugal for 16 months out of 24, the second temporary residence permit is for 3 years and requires 28 months out of 36 in country. The original 6 consecutive/8 interpolated months language was kept from when it was a single year permit, but the overall requirements have shifted.)