D7 passive income

Hi all, the D7 application said it requires the financial activities in the past two years. Dose anyone know if it must be a passive income in the past two years? I have deposits which are future income. Not sure if anyone has experience in using deposits as proof and succeed?

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I have a similar question. I have read people referring to 6 months proof of passive income, even 3 months, but never 2 years.

Can you pls share this information ?

Thanks, yes I’m looking for information as well. Not sure if the passive income would include deposits and freelance jobs?

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6 months max is all they need. Any forms of income strengthen your application. Employment is fine as long as income is derived from outside Portugal (eg. online jobs). The more stable/guaranteed your income is, the better. I’m not sure what you mean by “deposits”. If you mean savings in your name, that certainly helps but my immigration lawyer said they prefer income from employment, investments or pension (ie. someone whose wealth is still rising not falling). If you mean deposits into your account from someone else (eg. gifts from parents), I don’t know how that would be viewed. I expect it’s probably acceptable as long as backed up by sufficient documents which demonstrate that this would be assured in the medium to long term (which could be difficult to prove).
Bottom line is, if you’ve had any sort of stable income over the last 6 months, even if the source(s) of that income have changed (eg. you changed jobs), that should be fine as long as (a) you have proof of all the changes, and (b) your current and future income is evidenced to be stable/assured. That’s what they really care about.

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Thanks Jossgardner. I learnt it must be the ‘passive income’, and thus salary may not count. Do you know if salary could be part of the income source?

I do have savings, but the profit will be obtained in the future, rather than a monthly income.

Already confirmed above - salary is completely acceptable as long as evidenced (eg. pay slips, invoices, tax return, bank stats). You are advised to also evidence that your job will be continuing even after you have relocated to Portugal. In my case, my employer wrote a letter confirming that my employment contract would continue as normal after my move to PT.

If you are seeking to use savings or investment income as your future income source, I expect this will be less likely to be accepted unless you can prove that the income is guaranteed not to stop or reduce. If you receive an annual dividend or annual interest payment, for example, this may be acceptable (I’m guessing) but not if it is a variable amount. Also, if it is an annual payment you will presumably have to demonstrate that you have been receiving this for at least a year. Also I’m guessing it may be difficult for you to prove that the dividend/interest payment will not decrease or stop, since most fixed return investments/savings are able to be stopped, cancelled or reduced upon request or after a set time. So from their point of view (maybe), that kind of income is not really guaranteed.

These kinds of cases are better discussed with an immigration expert, which I am not.

Good luck!

Hi jossgardner, this is very informative. Much appreciated for sharing your views.