D7 visa Portugal

I understood that after living 5 years in Portugal it is possible to apply for a portugese citizenship.
Is it possible to get a Portugese citizenship via the D7 visa ? i.e living in Portugal for 5 years with a D7 visa and then applying for citizenship?

Yes, though technically you don’t live in Portugal with a D7 visa. The D7 allows you to enter the country to apply for a residence permit. After living in Portugal for 5 years with residence permits you can apply for citizenship. The law:

Acquisition of nationality by naturalization
Article 6
1 - The Government grants Portuguese nationality, by naturalization, to foreigners who cumulatively satisfy the following requirements:
a) Be older or emancipated under Portuguese law;
b) Residing legally in Portuguese territory for at least five years;
c) Know the Portuguese language sufficiently;
d) They have not been convicted, with final judgment, with a prison sentence of 3 years or more;
e) Do not constitute a danger or threat to national security or defense, through their involvement in activities related to the practice of terrorism, under the terms of the respective law.

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The law doesn’t define ‘sufficiently’ for requirement C. For the permanent residence permit it’s defined as CEFR level A2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_European_Framework_of_Reference_for_Languages

Ok. Thanks a lot!
One more relevant issue: I know that the D7 requires that the visa holder will live at least 6 months per year in Portugal.
My question is - does this apply to the entire family or only to the person asking for the visa?
Thanks !

Can someone confirm whether significant savings would meet the income requirement for the D7?

The D7 visa has no requirements for how long you have be in Portugal per year. You must have a residence permit (or an appointment to request one) to stay in Portugal after the 4 month D7 visa expires. The permit requirements don’t state how long you must live in Portugal per year. It states how long you can be outside of Portugal during the total valid period of the permit. With a residence permit you can only spend 6 consecutive months, or 8 months total, outside of Portugal

The first residence permit, called the temporary residence permit, has a valid period of 2 years (was 1 until this year). The next permit, called the residence permit, has a valid period of 3 years (was 2 until this year). After 5 years you can request a permanent residence permit. With that you can spend 24 months continuous or 30 months total outside of Portugal within a 3 year period.

Yes. The requirement for sufficient funds can come from any combination of investments, income and savings, and must be accessible to you from Portugal.