Decent alternatives to Transferwise

Transfеrwisе doesn’t support bank accounts from some countries.

What are decent alternatives to it?

I use Paysend which I found it’s cheaper than Transferwise to transfer money from Russia to Mexico. Maybe check them out.

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If TransferWise doesn’t support that country, then you must use services such a Zoom etc. but large amounts are not good for these services.

What countries are you trying to send from/to?

On the topic of international money transfers generally, I’m finding that Transferwise isn’t always the most competitive option anymore (it used to be). Sometimes Citibank is giving me better rates. But the best rates these days on a consistent basis are from a new provider, Instarem.

If you do decide to make a transfer, you can use a coupon code at the confirmation stage like FINDER10 or SAVEMORE to save further on fees.