TransferWise alternative from Poland

It’s online currency exchange wallet with VISA debit card

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Not bad at all

Niezłe oferty Peter, to było dobre znalezisko

Only for Polish residents so far it seems :frowning:

Actually don’t think so

We have to check that

The first link you dropped was in Polish so without understanding what they are reading most can’t understand what is written or how to change to English or their language.

@ShoariLake3 From what I could tell, it is not limited to Polish nationals and residents only.

I contacted them via email today. Their reply came fast and was :

Thank you for contacting

I kindly inform that multi-currency cards are available only for Polish tax residents. We do not have information if, and if so, when non-residents will be able to order our card.

If you will have any further questions please contact us.

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which is a pity :frowning: