Did anybody get Portuguese Golden Visa?

I see many articles online but have never heard the story from the person who really did it.

this comes from portuguese oficial sources:
Segundo dados oficiais do SEF, de outubro de 2012 até dezembro de 2018, Portugal já emitiu 6.962 Golden Visas (para investidores), e 11.815 Golden Visas para familiares de investidores, captando um investimento total de 4.249.798.777,66€.
which means that from 2012 until december 2018 Portugal issued 6.962 Golden visas for investors and 11.815 Golden visas for their families ,which gave a total Benefit for the portuguese authorities of 4.249.798.777,66 euros.

Why would anyone who has 350K to invest, waste time on an on-line forum telling people that they received one? If you have that kind of money, you’ll simply go through normal channels and pay whatever lawyers/accountants that are needed to do that.

Because today knowing what is “normal channel” is not that easy. Trusting fake websites and layers who would take money and run away…

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Can anybody share any trustable “normal channel”?

Yeah, but anyone can register here with a fake name and put anything up here. What makes this place any MORE trustworthy?

Anyway - a simple search reveals this.

Contact your Portuguese consulate. They are the ones that have the necessary paperwork.

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