Digital nomad working in Baku, Bangkok where do I start?

Hello Nomads. I’ve just landed a job working for a company. I’ll be working in Azerbaijan for a few weeks, then travelling to Bangkok for two (one week holiday/one week work) then back to Bangkok… I’m happy to pay tax but just want to make sure I’m not paying twice…
Should I incorporate the company in the UK? Or Malta/Estonia?
Any help you can give will be amazing

Hello Craig,

I hope this message finds you well.

Where is your current residence? I’d suggest you should choose company location on detailed description of what your company activities will be

Do let me know if you need any further information


Camilla - I can work from any location. I’m currently in the UK but will be moving abroad this month.

Hej Craig,

I hope this massage finds you well.

In my opinion all jurisdictions of your choice is attractive, taxation will be meters of right company structure, agreements

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Congrats on your new job :slight_smile:

To be clear you will be a UK National employed by a UK company? So you will be in Bangkok physically, but as far as work is concerned all your output is in the UK?

If that is right then you don’t need to do anything tax wise.

If you are freelancing or otherwise not directly employed by the new company that is more complicated, but only just. You should setup as if you were based in the UK. You will either need a limited company or just to be a sole trader. You should speak to an accountant to find out which one would suit you best.

Lewis thanks for the response. I will be freelancing - I have a contract with the a UK. I’m ideally looking to set up a Company to invoice my client - pay my expenses - a small salary and I need an efficient way to take a dividend.