Do Primary Applicants for the GV and The Family Members get separate application numbers?

We hired an attorney and applied for a GV in October 2021. My husband was the primary applicant and we were told that our attorney had applied for all of us at the same time. This was for my husband, myself and our 3 daughters. At submission, we were asked to pay one application fee. (It was as 539 euro at the time). Then, in February of 2023 we were asked to pay two more application fees (for myself and one of our daughters). I felt strongly that this meant:

  1. Our applications had not been submitted at the same time in 2021, and:
  2. My two remaining daughters do not actually have an application on file because they have never been asked to pay the application fee.

Has anyone had this same experience or should I assume that we do not all have applications “on file”

The primary applicant has to apply before the rest. In my case, my application is a few days ahead of my wife’s.

Did you each get different application numbers? Also, were you asked to pay the submission fee at the time of submission?

The application (“process”) number is the same for the whole family, but yes, the application fee must be paid for each family member at the time of the online submission otherwise their applications are not going to be processed.

I strongly recommend switching to another lawyer sooner rather than later. I appreciate you may not have known all the intricacies of GV back in 2021, but surely you must have spotted the huge red flags in Feb 2023.


Yes, I have been trying to get the primary applicant to take my concerns seriously but they brush them all off as “Portuguese bureaucracy”. Of course, they have just received final approval and paid the visa fee while the rest of us have not even received a pre-approval. Sounds like it’s time for me to hire my own lawyer or go a different route all together.

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Sorry to hear that. It does sound like your husband needs to read these forums and understand more about how the process works. It sounds highly possible that your lawyer may have been negligent and not actually submitted your applications when they should have done.