Can I apply for family during 350K GV investment or only afterwards?

I would be grateful if any folks who have gone through the GV process or any Portuguese attorneys could give me the benefit of their experience.

I intend to apply for a GV through a 350k euro investment in a fund. I plan on bringing along my wife, her parents, and my parents (all over 65) in on the same investment. My attorney is telling me that I cannot apply for my wife/parents/in-laws until I have first been granted my temporary residence permit. However, I am finding some anecdotal evidence that suggests that the applications for my wife/parents/in-laws can be submitted at the same time as my application.

Does anyone have knowledge that the primary and dependentsโ€™ applications can be submitted to SEF at the same time? If this is possible and you are a Portuguese lawyer, I would be grateful if you could point me to the specific section of the law or the SEF regulation that says that this is allowed.

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I applied for a temporary residence permit for my wife and children at the same time. I was told that if I waited that only I could apply for the Passport in 5 years time.