Can GV holder petition to get residency for parent, before acquiring own permanent residency/citizenship?

I plan to apply for GV, but do not plan to move to Portugal immediately, perhaps in 4-5 years.
I’d like my wife and my Mom to move with me, or soon after, but I don’t want to include them in the initial GV application. I believe it will be difficult and impractical for them to do multiple trips back and forth to satisfy GV residency requirements. Basically I want my family to travel to Portugal only once, and just stay there.
So, my idea is to petition for my relatives either shortly before I move to Portugal, or shortly after, but it will be before I acquire permanent residency or citizenship. As a GV holder do I have a right to bring in my relatives, who are not on the initial GV application?

You will want to apply for D7 for your relatives.

According to my lawyer, you can apply for family reunion as a GV holder at time you want to bring family member. I did not ask if one, as a PR, can apply for family reunion for parents.

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We are doing this. Our daughter applied for GV last month, and when I turn 65 this Fall, I will then apply under her application. As her 65-year old parent, I am considered her dependent without any asset/income test (if I applied as her dependent parent when I am under 65, I would have to show she supports me, which she does not). She will be on her 5-year GV track, and I will be on mine. Later, when my 2-year younger spouse turns 65, we will rinse and repeat. Good luck!

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The OP clearly stated that his parents are not mobile and he wants to move them only once. In this case, why would you spend 30,000 + dollars on the GV when a D7 would work just fine? Could you apply for a GV for them? Yes. Should you? No.