Add family after getting GV Permanent Residence?

Say a primary investor has a GV for 5 years and converts to GV Permanent Residence (so still only 7 days / year residence requirement).

If their spouse and kids have never previously held GV, can they at this point be added as dependents of the GV PR holder? If so what permit will they get? Does it also only require 7 days / year residence?

If possible this seems like a loophole around the spouse needing to study A2 Portuguese to get their own GV PR?

Why the GV pr over citizenship?

Suppose your kids are too young to naturalize and you want them to get GV PR so they can naturalize when turning 18?

I wouldnt trust the PT govt to maintain a โ€œGV permanent residenceโ€ visa for the time it takes someone โ€œtoo youngโ€ to turn 18. Grab citizenship as soon as you can and run.