Family Reunification Golden visa Portugal

Hello, I am looking into the Golden visa for myself and for a handicapped family member through Family Reunification. Can anyone tell me if I can do the application for myself and subsequently (maybe a year or two later) do the other application for family reunification or does it have to be done at the same time as I do my own application for the Golden Visa.

I believe your family member can become a dependent on your GV anytime you still hold the GV. However if you both want to acquire Portuguese citizenship then keep in mind your family member needs to hold the GV for 5 years to naturalize.

For example:

Year 0: you start your GV
Year 4: your family member starts their dependent status on your GV.
Year 5: you apply for citizenship
Year 6: you are granted citizenship: now you can no longer hold a GV (obviously since you are a citizen).

That means, your family member probably cannot hold dependent GV status. But it is also too early for them to apply for citizenship.

If you both live in Portugal, they can instead hold a dependent status as relative of a citizen, but this has more strict residence requirements than GV dependent status.

Thank you. I guess a way round that would be in year 5 to reapply for the GV for another 2 (or 4 years if looking at your example) instead of applying for citizenship, while waiting for the other family member to complete the 5 years of residency.

Do these rules apply to spouse also? Or can the spouse be added to GV application later (year 4) and apply for citizenship in year 6?

If there is no intention to reside in Portugal other than to qualify for citizenship, you don’t need a GV for your spouse. Your spouse can apply after you have received yours and that the two of you have been married for 6 years.

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