Is EU citizen eligible as spouse for golden visa?

I understand that for the Portugal golden visa program, EU citizens are not eligible to apply.

However, if I am a non-EU citizen (therefore eligible), can my spouse who is an EU citizen join me as a family member when I apply for the golden visa?

I’ve been unable to find a clear answer on this. This thread partly answers it: for the scenario where you gain citizenship already then the spouse should be eligible to apply for citizenship by marriage. But I am interested in whether the spouse can join the entire golden visa process, including a Portugal residence permit from the very beginning of the golden visa process.

Let me ask you one question for clarification: why would your spouse need to join you since he or she already has EU citizenship and generally is allowed to live and work in any EU country with no restrictions?

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You still need a residence permit if you plan to actually live in another EU country long term. You also need paperwork to join the local health system (Schengen covers short term care but not long term etc, you are expected to go back “home” for your regular care) etc etc. There’s other complications like taxes. And let’s face it, not all EU citizenships are equally desirable. But there’s other processes for EU citizens to get residence permits in other EU countries that don’t require any of the fuss or cost.

Whether or not the EU country in question allows dual citizenship or not is another question… as well as if it’s needed or desirable if you already have an EU long term residence permit.

You are right, but in my opinion getting the residence permit in EU country for a citizen of another EU country is more a formality comparing with immigration from non-EU state… That is why using GV for that purpose would be rather weird.

The benefits for an EU citizen are marginal. But if one person in the couple is already going through the golden visa process, the extra cost to add a spouse to the application is also marginal.

This so why I am interested in whether it’s possible.

I am in the process of getting my residency card from SEF, and I am a non-EU citizen.
Non-EU citizens who are married to an EU citizen have the same rights as their spouse.

My spouse is an EU citizen, walked into the camera with his documents (id, rental contract, foreign work contract [to show income support]) and got his residency certificate in 30 minutes (there is a fee 15 euros).

We then walked to the SNS and got our numero de utente, and registered to get vaccinated.
I’m eligible for naturalization after 5 years of residency, no GV required.

Can’t you use this same method and forgo your expense of the GV?

At a minimum, if you continue the GV process for yourself (money already spent), it’s completely unnecessary to spend anything more for your spouse, as their process to gain the same documents/status that you are purchasing with the GV is free for them.


That’s great to hear it’s so straightforward! Thanks for sharing your experience.

I guess you requested Portuguese residency for the purpose of moving to Portugal immediately? One benefit I see of the golden visa programme is that there’s no requirement to live in Portugal for the entire duration.

In my case I cannot move to Portugal right now, but would like to begin the process remotely so that in a few years from now I have a “Plan B” available.