Portugal Golden Visa or citizenship through marriage?

Hello everyone,

New here, glad to have found this website/forum as I explore citizenship/residence options.

Any links/info on the Portugal GV via 1mil EUR transfer? What are the conditions and limitations on what you can (and cannot) do with this capital? Does it have to be in some way “sitting” in Portugal (and Portuguese investments, banks, brokers) for the five years of the GV residency? Can you invest it in global instruments (futures, stocks, funds) via a Portuguese bank or brokerage or can it only be allocated to Portuguese paper (stocks, bonds, funds)?

My wife of 12 years is a Portuguese citizen – we live in the USA. Anyone here tried to get Portuguese citizenship via an (offshore) marriage to a Portuguese? On first glance it seems there are a lot of hoops to jump through, prove some nebulous “connection with Portuguese culture, community” and prove some knowledge of Portuguese. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks much in advance!

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Hi two quick comments:

  • The €1M does have to sit there although banks are able to apply it to PT-registered applications and investments - I am not an expert on this but the banks themselves usually have a list of options
  • There are no onshore or offshore marriages, only marriages which then have to be registered in Portugal. Bureaucratic but by Portuguese standards, one of the easier things to do.

I am a Portuguese citizen by birth and married to a non Portuguese spouse. We do not live in Portugal. We have engaged a Portuguese lawyer to apply for my wife’s Portuguese citizenship at a cost +/_ €1750, so cheap as chips compared to GV cost. The law has changed recently so you can apply after three years of being married. Yes, the marriage needs to be registered in Portugal (@ your local Portuguese Consul). There are some documentation required but a competent lawyer will give you a comprehensive list.


Thanks Luis and John!

John, that was very helpful, I was just informed by the Portuguese consulate (via email) that they are not handling citizenships through marriage and they gave me a link to a Portuguese govt website on how/where to do it:

Are you also handling your wife’s citizenship in/through Portugal or in/through the Portuguese consulate where you reside/live? Is your Portuguese lawyer located in Portugal?

Is your marriage already registered in Portugal or is the lawyer handling that as well in the same package?

Feel free to PM me if you prefer.

Thanks much in advance!

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Anyone has recommendations for a good immigration lawyer in Portugal to help me with my citizenship application? Not sure which town/city would be best but Lisbon comes to mind? Pls PM me if you prefer.

Thanks much in advance!