Portuguese Golden Visa - private equity or capital transfer


I am a newly minted US citizen. It was pretty much a dream of mine, and US is the place i will die on. It’s home now.

However, there is some benefits of becoming a citizen of another country especially from EU, and Portugal seems open to what’d otherwise be foreigners. For US citizenship i worked and studied in the US for 11 years and the fact that my daughter is an American citizen by birth gives me some comfort. However, I would like to give her the opportunity to choose where she wants to live without worrying too much about other stuff. Portugal could also make a good early retirement place or even a second home for us if we could establish some strong bond like citizenship.

There are a few questions I am curious and short of reading the law it’s hard to find out what is going on.

  • capital transfer option: $1.5M capitalj transfer.
    What does this really mean? Is it parking money into a bank in a savings account? Can that money be invested into stock market in stocks of my choosing? These days in the US you can choose Chase and still do investments through their brokerage etc so what is the exact definition of capitalj transfer?

  • private equity option
    Similar question. Does the PE qualifying to be a golden visa investment have specific requirements wrt asset allocations?

Ideally i take my money and invest into American stock market but i am open to some fraction being used for Portuguese companies. I remember something like this for RE funds where a portion is in the Portuguese real estate projects and rest had us exposure. I really like my HFUEA portfolio (upro+tmf/tqqq+tmf) which is extremely risky but has huge upside over 5 year period so i wouldike to keep it but I’m open to unleveled qqq as well.

I just couldn’t find what these two options entail. I imagine Portuguese pe could invest in American markets but the golden visa laws intention is to bring capital into the country so i understand if there are limits.

There are quite a number of threads here on the PE/fund option, which can also mean open-ended funds. Suggest you read those, this one being the primary https://community.nomadgate.com/t/portugal-gv-fund-comparison plus others on apostille and PFIC/tax requirements for american citizens. (You might have other passports but I imagine since you are a US citizen all the US citizen stuff will apply.) The PE funds have to meet certain requirements and be approved. (The RE funds are really PE funds by another name.)

No one here really knows much of anything about the capital transfer option, it comes up from time to time and we get nothing, other than it involves a transfer into a Portuguese bank/broker since a Portuguese firm has to attest to the details of your transfer - simply buying 1.5mm of Portuguese stocks from your Chase account doesn’t cut it. We’d note that it seems clear it has to involve investments in Portuguese assets in one form or another. Though if you’re going to do that then you may as well buy one of the open ended funds with the lesser amounts and not fret about it.