Portugal gv transfer of capital option

I have read the details about the 1,000,000 euro transfer of capital option here: http://drop.nomadgate.org/958cc2b2915e
I don’t really understand this. Has anyone tried/done this? Could this be as simple as transfering assets to a Portuguese broker or better a Portuguese branch of a foreign broker?

I read statistics before. about 5% GV applicants transferred 1 million. It is an option. you probably need to transfer the money to a bank, not a broker. this said, you can invest the money into the stock market through your bank. but a big question is capital gains tax. you probably will have to pay 20% or something capital gains tax. I asked this question here before but did not yet get a good answer. as far as I know, if you invest in a GV fund, tax is waived for your profit. so the 1 million option is less tax efficient.

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I have the same question about this capital gain for GV.
And I have not read or seen anyone mentioning about this. The statistic for August 2020 shows that this options was selected by 5 out of 107 applicants.