Portugal gv transfer of capital option

I have read the details about the 1,000,000 euro transfer of capital option here: http://drop.nomadgate.org/958cc2b2915e
I don’t really understand this. Has anyone tried/done this? Could this be as simple as transfering assets to a Portuguese broker or better a Portuguese branch of a foreign broker?

I read statistics before. about 5% GV applicants transferred 1 million. It is an option. you probably need to transfer the money to a bank, not a broker. this said, you can invest the money into the stock market through your bank. but a big question is capital gains tax. you probably will have to pay 20% or something capital gains tax. I asked this question here before but did not yet get a good answer. as far as I know, if you invest in a GV fund, tax is waived for your profit. so the 1 million option is less tax efficient.

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I have the same question about this capital gain for GV.
And I have not read or seen anyone mentioning about this. The statistic for August 2020 shows that this options was selected by 5 out of 107 applicants.

I have the same question with regards to the 1 million euro capital transfer.
Also if I might add, is there any restrictions on what you can do with that capital later on?
Can you buy a property with it, say 1 year down the road?
Can you buy stocks?

What happened if those lose value? and the sum of all drop below the 1 millions threshold?



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It is very surprised to me that so far I cannot find anything, any discussion, any talks about this option on the internet. Looking at the statistic, there are a lot of GV applicants that have selected this option. And all of them have done this themselve, without any help/support from the lawyers ?

The reason that I am now looking into this option is that:

  • In opposition to the 350k Fund, there is no worry to lose the money. Of course, there is no gaining. Or even if the money has to sit there during 5 years, that means there is no invesment at all. But at least, it is another option for everyone, because in the Fund’s disscusion on other thread, some people express their serious concern to get their money back after 5 years. Instead of choosing Fund option, they select properties option in order to secure the safety of their invesment.
  • If there is no restriction with this 1Mil, as long as by the time to renew the GV we can top-up the bank account to the level 1Mil, then it is the best and safest option in my opinion. No worries about getting back the money after 5th years as Fund. No worries about the inflated properties when making purchase.

Indeed, I would love to buy or invest on properties as well. But I need to rent first and live physically explore the area at least 6 months or even 1 year before making the purchases.


I think there’s just way less to discuss about it. You send over EUR1mm. That’s it. You have to choose a broker or a bank, but that’s pretty straightforward. You need a lawyer, ok, but I’m sure your selected brokerage firm will be HAPPY AS HELL to help you with that.

Thing being, how many people really have EUR1mm just laying around to do that with? Of those, how many of them are noodling around on internet bulletin boards? Whereas the other options are more accessible to more people, and there are a lot more questions that lend themselves to discussion.

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