Are there any investment constraints on the Portugal golden visa's 1M Euro capital option?

I just started looking into Portugal golden visa. I am originally from India, living in the US on H1B visa for a decade, but not getting close to US green card due to country caps, so looking at Portugal PR and citizenship as a backup option (and free EU travel).

I was looking into the investment options, and had a specific question about the 1M euro capital investment option. I am finding a lot of discussion on funds and real estate investments in the forum, but not much about this option.

What are the restrictions for that 1M capital investment, and what is the process to set it up? For example, can I use a Portugal-based bank/brokerage (if so, what would be some top choices? Santander?), and buy international securities/ETFs through them? Or does it have to be some limited list of equities/ETFs/funds, perhaps those based in Portugal?

I have more than the requisite amount of investments in stocks/ETFs in US brokerages (eg. Charles Schwab, Vanguard) – can I somehow transfer part of my stock/ETF investments to a Portugal-based bank/brokerage, and qualify for the Portugal residence-by-investment? If so, are there any major downside of this approach, compared to other options like real estate or VC funds?

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Does anyone have any thoughts about the above question?

If you have 1M euro to drop you would be well advised to consult a lawyer rather than an internet forum. Just sayin…

No one here is likely to answer because no one has pursued that option. People that are investing 1M have a ton of other options such as Malta, Cyprus, etc., etc.