UK unmarried partner of Portugese national - best way to emigrate?


I am a UK citizen and I wish to retire and emigrate to Portugal in around 3 years time. Iā€™m fortunate that my partner is Portuguese, but we are not married or in a civil partnership. She has two addresses in PT but does not currently live and work in PT.

What would members suggest would be the best route for me to A) gain formal residency, and B) gain full citizenship (regain EU passport)?

Thanks in advance.

You need to demonstrate a link with your partner either in the form of civil partnership or marraige. If you have establish civil partnership, i.e., have lived together for more than 3 years, you can apply directly for a citizenship.

If you cannot demonstrate a link with your partner, it would be as good as an independent application, Iā€™m afraid. In which case D7 visa or PGV routes would best apply to you. If you dont want to move to Portugal, PGV will let you have the optionality to move there (with residency or citizenship) in the future.