Those Golden Visa requirement is for one person or a couple?

Say the investment requirement is 350k. For a couple, will the requirement be 700k?

Nope. You can sponsor other family members with a single investment (either through a fund, real estate or job creation).

Taken from Global Citizens Solutions:

The following family members can be included in the application:

Spouse or legal partner
Children under 18 years of age
Dependent children under 26 as long as they are single and enrolled as full-time students or can demonstrate that they continue to be financially dependent on the parents
Parents of either spouse if over 66 years old (or 55 and dependent)
Siblings under the age of 18 years from either spouse or partner if they are legal guardians, as determined by the courts

Note that it will still require an initial fee of ~€5,000 for each applicant and ~€2,500 for a renewal every 2 years (or after the initial year) for each applicant.

Thanks for the replies. We are close to retirement. Is it still necessary to get the GV? It seems we can apply for the temp resident visa if we meet the retirement income limit.

I can’t speak to everyone’s motivations here, but some of us find the low residency requirements (35 days for 5 years) of the Golden Visa appealing.

If you actually plan on moving to Portugal, you might have other avenues open to you that involve less capital. I think the D7 is an example.