Non family co-investor for Portugal Golden Visa

I have a non family co-investor in Portugal property. Do we EACH need to invest a minimum of 350,000 Euros to qualify for the GV program?

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Minimus for golden Visa I Portugal is not 350m€, but 500m€

Even though the default investment in real estate is €500K, it’s also possible to do €350K (or you can even do €280K, although that’s not common).

Or you can do the investment fund option which is also €350K.

Thank you all for your help!

To reply to your original question, I believe you each need to invest 350K.

Actually minimum for a REAL ESTATE Golden Visa is €280K, in certain areas. There are GVs which are lower in other categories. Please do not post incorrect information.

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You will indeed need to apply separately as the GV is a named, individual investment, with a single applicant or head of family. You are of course able to add dependants on the visa, allowing you to use the same visa but still having to pay the application fee for each dependant. This will not, from what I can tell, apply to you as you have a non’related dependant.

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