Do properties in Cascais qualify?

We want to apply for a Portugal Golden Visa. Do properties (purchase price and refurbishment costs equal to at least €350,000 and built over 30 years ago) in Cascais, Sintra and Odivelas qualify under the €350,000 option? We went to SEF Office in Lisbon in May 2019 and was told that properties in Cascais do not qualify. However, a lawyer firm said that properties in any locations should qualify as long as the total costs is at least €350,000 and are built over 30 years ago. We would really appreciate for a confirmation on this. Is there a list of areas in Lisbon Region which are qualified under the €350,000 option? Where can we get this list? Thanks.

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De facto Cascais naõ esta qualificada para o GV dos 350 mil euros porque não esta qualificada como zona historica , so o Conselho de Lisboa e as suas zonas historicas estão qualificadas para tal.
Imoveis que custam 350 mil euros que estejam a sofrer obras de reabilitação e ou que tenham mais de 30 anos é que são elegiveis para o GV

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In fact Cascais is not qualified for the GV of 350 thousand euros because it is not qualified as a historic area, only the Lisbon Council and its historic areas are qualified for this.
Homes that cost 350,000 euros that are undergoing rehabilitation works and that are over 30 years old are eligible for GV

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If Lisbon and Porto will no longer be considered areas for purchasing real estate in pursuit of a Golden Visa, I am wondering if Cascais would be excluded also? The climate is close to the climate I prefer in the the United States (San Diego, California)

Hi Mike.
Unfortunately Portugal is divided into municipal councils, districts and then metropolitan areas.
Thus, when the Portuguese government says it wants to end GV in the cities of Lisbon and Porto, it will be the metropolitan area of Lisbon that covers 18 municipal councils, Cascais is unfortunately part of those 18 municipalities.
If I can help you say something.

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Hello Sergio. Thanks for the clarification regarding Cascais. Are these parishes in Lisbon - Lumiar, Carnide & Belem qualified as historic areas for applying the €350k GV.? If not, can you please confirm 3 to 5 historic areas for me? Many thanks for your help in advance.

Good morning Jimmy.

The traditional historic areas or Historic Neighborhoods in Lisbon are Alfama, Principe Real, Chiado and Carmo, Graça, Baixa de Lisboa, Sao Vicente, Mouraria.
The remaining areas or parishes are located in areas of urban rehabilitation except for some areas with recent constructions (Few areas, for example Expo, or Telheiras, Alta de Lisboa).

So to make the Gvisa of 350 thousand euros or more you have to buy a property in lisbon over the age of 30 in the registries of the conservatory (State Services) or located in an area of ​​urban rehabilitation that is almost all Lisbon and carrying out works of rehabilitation of real estate acquired in the total amount equal to or greater than 350 thousand euros. You have to be very careful when purchasing…

I hope it helped you.

I send the Lisbon rehabilitation map

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Hello Sergio.
Thanks for the details. Much appreciated.
Regards, Jimmy